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    OMEX Zynergy is a unique complex of copper and zinc.


    Zinc is involved in the formation and activation of hormones that regulate root development, water uptake, flowering and fruit set. Zinc plays a major role in the structure and function of the integumentary system, affecting skin elasticity, wound healing and disease suppression. Copper is involved in photosynthesis and the binding of cells that support plant structure, affecting stem strength and the development of new shoot and root tissue. Copper forms part of the phenolic compounds used by plants to suppress infection. Routine foliar treatment can be very effective, especially during the early stages of plant development and times of stress.


    OMEX Zynergy corrects deficiencies and improves plant nutrient health and tolerance to abiotic stress.

    Conforms with Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 of the European Parliament and the Council of 5 June 2019 (EU fertilising products)

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