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    Kingfol Sulphur is a highly concentrated single element suspension liquid fertilizer designed to correct sulphur deficiency. Apply to fruit, vegetables and ornamentals for optimum yield and quality.

    Kingfol foliar nutrients are formulated using high quality mineral elements, to give the following benefits:

    • Concentrated liquid formulations to minimise handling, packaging, transport and application rates
    • Widely tank-mixable with agrochemicals
    • Formulated with uptake enhancers to optimise performance over time
    • Disperses easily with no need for pre-mixing
    • Single element formulations to correct specific deficiencies

    Sulphur is a major element for plant growth.  Atmospheric deposition has declined dramatically in recent years and consequently the need for supplementation is now greater than ever. Kingfol Sulphur is a unique formulation of ‘bio sulphur’ which contains microbial biomass. This, coupled with the extremely fine particle size, gives responses which can be greater than conventional sulphur sources, such as ammonium sulphate.

    Sulphur is a major constituent of plant enzymes and proteins. Sulphur deficiencies will be reflected in both crop yield and produce quality.  Visual deficiencies of sulphur are rare, however if present, leaves will exhibit uniform chlorosis with the younger leaves affected first. Yellow leaves can ultimately develop necrotic areas near the margins.

    Foliar absorption
    The use of unique enhancers allows the nutrients to enter the plant by two main pathways, one acting quickly and the other more slowly. This provides a mechanism for sustained uptake over time. The quick uptake is achieved by direct entry via stomata on the surface of the leaf.  This relies on good coverage from the foliar spray. To maximise uptake via this route, addition of a good quality wetter, such as OMEX SW7 is recommended. This leads to stomatal flooding, allowing maximum absorption.

    The slower, sustained uptake is brought about by the uptake enhancers in the formulation. These work by stimulating the microbes which live naturally on the surface of the leaf – sometimes referred to as the epiphyllic micro organisms. These help solubilise the remaining foliar spray. Once in ionic form, it then passes into the plant by diffusion through minute aqueous pores in the leaf cuticle.



    Prevents and corrects sulphur deficiency.  Many arable crops including sugar beet, brassicas, cereals and certain fruit crops will benefit from sulphur applications.

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