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We are delighted to announce that OMEX will be returning to Fruit Focus next week on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at stand number 48.


Our expert staff will be on hand to answer any queries and assist you with your Horticultural needs. Join us for a complimentary drink/nibbles and chat with our expert advisors about OMEX’s total crop nutrition products and services.


OMEX Horticulture offers products and analysis to create a nutritional package backed by solid agronomic advice and service to the Ornamental, Soft Fruit and Glasshouse Salad sectors. Attending the leading technical event for the fruit industry, OMEX Horticulture brings with it expertise and new innovative nutritional products to offer new solutions to traditional problems, reduce environmental pressures facing growers and tailor an agronomy based approach to boost quality and yield whilst being cost effective.


OMEX will be displaying a range of samples at the event including:

GardS – Used to correct nutrient deficiency and promote crop health.

Bio 18 – Used as a specialised foliar feed and plant growth stimulant for plants requiring extra iron, particularly in times of stress, or in a regular nutrient management programme to boost a wide range of nutrient levels. Use on turf as a foliar fertiliser to aid colour, vigour and growth.

Bio 20 – Used as a foliar feed and plant growth stimulant, particularly in times of stress, or as part of your regular comprehensive nutrient management programme.

Vitomex – Used as a unique foliar nutrient which supplies plant stimulating phosphite along with potassium and trace elements chelated in a unique way to improve plant health and tolerance of abiotic stress.

Zynergy – Used to correct nutrient deficiency and to improve plant health and tolerance of abiotic stress.

CalMax Ultra – Is a unique formulation containing calcium and AXM, which acts as a ‘pump primer’ to ensure calcium is effectively transported into plant cells even during periods of low metabolic activity. The increased leaf and fruit calcium allows for longer storage life and less risk of physical damage as well as a greater resilience to physiological breakdown.

Kelpak – Used to enhance root growth which improves crop establishment leading to higher yield and better quality. Kelpak also helps to increase plant tolerance to abiotic stress, improves pollen germination, and fruit set.


Make sure you pop along and see us!

For more details about the event visit www.fruitfocus.co.uk

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