April 27, 2016 3:59 pm Published by LauraE
Kingfol Copper


Many growers opt for spring cropping in order to minimise troublesome grass weeds, but getting the best return from spring cereals can be a challenge, especially in the current climate.

Spring crops are typically only in the ground for around 120 days, so the key to success is to reach full canopy as quickly as possible. This all starts at the establishment stage.

However, with wintry weather over most of the UK right now, cold and wet soils will further delay this important growth stage and crops may need an extra boost to find their feet.

A series of independent trials under controlled conditions at both farm and university level, have shown that early post-emergence foliar phosphite applications can significantly advance root development, not only in late drilled winter crops but also in spring sown crops.

Further trials in 2015 demonstrated significant yield responses in crops that had been treated with OMEX Kickstart.

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