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Suspension Fertilisers for Potatoes

Potatoes can be a fragile, labour intensive and expensive crop to grow. So, it’s good to know that OMEX suspension fertilisers for potatoes demonstrated significant yield increases over a branded solid fertiliser in replicated independent plot tests.

Here’s how OMEX suspension fertiliser can benefit potato crops:

Nitrogen and Didin

OMEX’s highly adaptable liquid suspension fertilisers are accurate, easy to store and reduce waste and inefficiency.

In addition, OMEX potato suspension solutions contain three sources of nitrogen: ammonium phosphate, ammonium nitrate and urea. This potent mix ensures a balanced and even delivery of nitrogen to the crop, helping to maximise yields.

OMEX suspension fertilisers are also available with the nitrogen stabiliser Didin. This suspension fertiliser additive resulted in a 4t/ha increase in yields in ADAS plot tests, and can also reduce the carbon footprint of your potato crop – important if you are growing for crisps or processing.

Fully Soluble Phosphates

Potatoes are unique in requiring fully water soluble phosphate for optimum health. OMEX potato suspension fertiliser solutions contain 100% water soluble phosphate, compared to 60% in many solid fertilisers. They are also available with Polymex, an additive which makes phosphate in soil available to plants for longer, leading to a healthier, more disease resistant crop.

Potash Options

Potatoes love potash, but the nutrient’s high cost means it has to be treated with care. OMEX potato suspension solutions help growers apply potash accurately and evenly to reduce waste and maximise results. Suspension fertilisers for potatoes also offer a choice of potash source. Sulphate of potash, for example, is particularly useful for increasing dry matter in potatoes destined for crisping.

Complete Magnesium

Uniquely in the UK, all OMEX suspension fertilisers contain magnesium. The magnesium is fully available, which means a single seedbed application can provide all of the crop’s requirements – no need for a separate pass.

Responsive Magnesium

Magnesium is available in all OMEX suspensions, providing the only true compound range of magnesium fertilisers available in the UK. The magnesium is fully crop available, allowing application in the seedbed to provide fully crop requirements, without the need for a seperate pass.

Sulphur Soil Conditioning

Potatoes are vulnerable to common scab, particularly those grown in high pH soil. OMEX suspension solution for potatoes contains micronised sulphur which has been shown in trials to reduce soil pH and limit the threat of common scab.


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