April 22, 2021 12:17 pm Published by KirstyH

This succulent strawberry was grown in Mexico and owes its firmness, storability and colour to applications of CalMax Gold.

CalMax Gold is a high quality suspension formulation containing high levels of calcium together with nitrogen, magnesium, trace elements, amino acids and a full complement of trace elements which are formulated for easy uptake.

The presence of Amino acids stimulates internal chemical pathways which promotes optimal pollination and fertilisation, and an excellent fruit set resulting in increased fruit yields.

­čî▒ CalMax Gold prevents and corrects a number of calcium linked disorders.

­čî▒ Promotes pollination and fruit formation.

­čî▒┬áIncreasing tuber calcium levels, promotes longer storage life and resistance to a range of physiological break down conditions.

­čî▒┬áImproves firmness, storability and colour.

­čî▒ Increases yield

Calmax Gold bottle

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