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Spring has sprung, and as the weather begins to change the vine growing season begins. As a grower you should arm yourself with a wealth of meaningful information about your crops, to make the most informed decisions regarding nutrient management throughout the season.


The OMEX technical team are seeing buds swelling, moving quickly into woolly bud. Plant sap is flowing through the vines and it is this life blood of the plant we can sample and analyse to ascertain what is present and available to the growing vine, and what is not. Traditionally leaf or petiole tests aren’t able to give the rapid response required during active growth, meaning uninformed applications of nutrition, whereas OMEX SAP analysis allows the horticultural technical team to form a timely foliar nutrient management plan to help correct any imbalances and get your crop off to the best start, without over or under applying.

What is SAP Analysis?

OMEX SAP Analysis is a fast, efficient service that’s provided by OMEX dedicated in-house SAP lab. It measures 17 different parameters and includes tailored recommendations to effectively correct any imbalances in the crop to enable optimum vine performance.

Sap analysis process

SAP analysis is an effective means of monitoring your crops and a useful tool for the growers armoury. Results and recommendations are usually with the grower within 2-3 days of receipt of the sample, offering a real time view of the crops nutritional status.

How To Sample

Ahead of sampling the OMEX SAP labs will send you a SAP pack with full instructions on sampling, you can also take a look at our handy guide on sampling vines.

The first sample is best taken once first fully developed leaves are present pre and during inflorescence, this will allow any nutrient imbalances to be corrected.

Following samples at or around (roughly 2-3 weeks apart):

  • Pea-size berries
  • Berries Developing
  • Veraison

This will then allow for any macro or micro nutrient applications to be made.

Growing With OMEX

Alongside the technical data that comes with SAP Analysis, the OMEX horticultural team is equipped with technical advisors to work with you throughout the season, to reach yield and quality goals. The OMEX group operates around the globe, sharing knowledge of crops in different countries, to enable the grower to produce to the best standards. Contact the team, here, for further information on how SAP Analysis can improve your vines.

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