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Be prepared with SAP Analysis

Weather & Crops

Most of the country has had rain this week. It was heard being referred to as “liquid gold” in the East. Recent applications of N, soil moisture combined with warmer weather next week will result in a growth spurt to flag leaf emergence on winter wheat.

However, to make the most of these conditions it is worth checking whether all other nutrient levels in the crop are at the correct level. There is still time to do this before flag leaf fungicies are applied on all but the most forward crops.

SAP Testing

A SAP test on plants is like a blood test on animals. It tells you what is happening now. Recent SAP tests on wheat have shown a common theme of shortfalls in Mg, Mn and Zn. If you would like to get a SAP test done on your wheat (or any other crop), all you need to do is request some SAP packs, or contact your DSM. To request SAP packs, email or telephone 01553 760011. Don’t forget to give us your full postal address so that we can post the packs to you.

How and When to sample

Sampling is easy, however, full instructions are supplied in the SAP pack. Sample in a representative manner, either in a pre-marked “W” or in a straight line. Sample early in the morning, preferably before the dew has lifted. Select the oldest active growing leaves from at least 20 plants. There should be 200g or 2 handfuls of leaves. Place in the bags provided, complete the forms and post.

SAP Analysis Results

SAP results are usually returned with recommendations within 3 days of OMEX receiving the samples.

Correct Balance of Nutrient

Without the correct balance of nutrients plants will not maximise the benefit of the now abundant supply of nitrogen. Both magnesium and manganese are essential for the efficient utilisation of nitrogen and magnesium is required to produce chlorophyll. Zinc enhances the plant’s own immune system and has been shown to alleviate abiotic stress. Despite the rain, drought stress is still a high probability.

OMEX agronomists will be pleased to provide advice based on SAP sample results.

Protecting Yield Without SAP Sampling 

If the SAP sampling procedure is not for you, then it is possible to protect your yield potential by using a tank mix of straights, formulated mixtures, or a combination of both. These are some options to consider:

  • Straights: Folex Mg 9 + Folex Mn 20 + Folex Zn
  • Formulated Mix: High N (includes Mg, Mn and Zn) – use if foliar N is needed
  • Formulated Mix: Bio 20 – will help to alleviate symptoms of drought stress
  • Combination: Magnesium Plus + Folex Zn

All should be repeated at ear emergence/T3.

For more detailed recommendations contact your OMEX Agronomist or local DSM.


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