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Roots Vigour Strength

When growing crops, there are three crucial areas to address: Roots, Vigour, Strength.

Addressing each of these areas, and providing the plants with the nutrients it needs to flourish, will pay dividends in terms of quality and yield.



A strong root structure, gives the plant the basis to thrive, with a better ability to uptake nutrients applied and withstand stresses faced throughout the growing season. The following products will help establishment and strong formation of roots:

Kelpak –¬† a kelp concentrate, ¬†manufactured using a unique cell-burst process without heat, chemical digestion or dehydration, which enhances root growth.

O-Phyte – a biostimulant based on phosphite, to stimulate improved root growth.

Vitomex – a unique, nitrate free, foliar phosphite with chelated micronutrients.

Biomex Plus – works by colonising the roots of the growing plant with beneficial bacteria.




Once the plant has an established root structure, the nutrition that’s applied is able to truly benefit the plant and promote vigour. The feed can be tailored to what the grower is wanting to achieve from the crop, whether that be a class 1 fruit yield or high quality ornamental plant. Supplying the crop with the correct nutrition to build physical strength and good plant health helps to ensure the growers ROI at harvest, completing harvest with a product that the buyer is happy with. The following range or products can help:

Micromex – a balanced formulation of micronutrients, magnesium and sulphur, which helps the plant if a quick response is desired

Folex Range – the Folex range of products are designed to help remedy and prevent nutritional deficiencies, creating an incredibly targeted application of nutrition to the plant

Bio 20 – is OMEX’s most popular product, globally. The well known suspension concentrate contains macro and micronutrients combined with naturally occuring kelp biostimulant, to be used as a general foliar feed and plant growth stimulant. It helps to boost a wide range of nutrient levels and is an incredibly effective stressbuster. It helps plants greening up and plants that are struggling.

Bio 18 – works similarly to Bio 20, but with reduced NPK and increased iron. However it shouldn’t be used where crops are sensitive to iron applications.

Organomex – growers working with an organic system can consider the Organomex range, certified by the Soil Association, to alleviate deficiency and boost growth.




Boosting plant health, and building it’s natural defense system, will help crops withstand pressures faced throughout the season. The following products, following rigorous testing, have been shown to help with the plants natural strength, whilst improving plant health:

Zynergy – is a combination of copper, zinc and sulphur formulated to optimise nutrient uptake by the plant. These three key elements form the building blocks of nutrition needed by the plant, and Zynergy is an integral part of ICM systems, to boost crop health and maximise yield potential

SW7 – a registered pesticide adjuvant, SW7 help achieve excellent coverage of waxy or difficult to wet surfaces, resulting in potentially improved performance when mixed with insecticides.

Gard KLD/Gard S – the gard range of products are fomulated with a concentrated garlic, acting as a deterrent against a range of insects or pests.

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