July 24, 2023 3:15 pm Published by LauraE
DeSaltus 2.0 unwanted nutrients

Soft fruit agronomist, Dr Neil Holmes, gives his latest update on how growers can remove unwanted nutrients with the help of DeSaltus 2.0.

Previous research by OMEX has shown that unwanted nutrients such as sodium, chloride and sulphates can be removed from the substrate after the continuous application of DeSaltus 2.0 within the stock tank. In trials over the last three years a 3368% reduction in unwanted nutrients has been recorded. 

DeSaltus 2.0

Grower experiences have also shown a reduction in unwanted nutrients of up to 89% when DeSaltus 2.0 has been used as a method to flush out new coir bags (see the sulphate bar in the graph below). 

DeSaltus 2.0 chart

To help growers understand the appropriate rate of DeSaltus 2.0 to apply to the crop, check out the DeSaltus rate calculator available on the DeSaltus 2.0 webpage here. Just download the calculator and fill in your stock tank size and the dilution rate you intend to apply to the crop e.g. 1:100. 

For any further queries, please contact your local OMEX technical manager, here

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