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Reasons to Go Liquid

The use of liquid nitrogen fertiliser is soaring in the UK, thanks to its superior performance and competitive cost. OMEX takes a look at the 7 key reasons why you should go liquid:

1) Increased Accuracy – Up to 20% more accurate application compared to solid alternatives, with increased tramline widths up to 36m.

2) Reduced Waste – With increased accuracy comes reduced waste.

3) Thee Liquid Nitrogen Sources – ammonium, nitrate and urea.

4) Less Pollution Risk – Liquid Nitrogen is applied accurately right up to the field edge.

5) Reduced Man Hours – One person application with no heavy bags.

6) Simple Application Even In Bad Weather – Liquid fertiliser can be applied when solid alternatives can’t.

7) Low Cost Storage – No bag offloading. OMEX offer an optional tank storage scheme for better logistics and space management.

Accurate Liquid Nitrogen Application

Nitroflo liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be efficiently and accurately applied – up to field boundaries but not beyond – with standard farm machinery. The risk of liquid fertiliser scorch has been largely removed thanks to the use of specialist streamer bars and caps.

OMEX’s expert agronomists and FACTs qualified sales representatives can advise on the best practice methods that promote greater yields through the most accurate application of liquid nitrogen nutrition.

For more information on OMEX Nitroflo liquid nitrogen fertilisers please contact your local DSM here.

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