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Potato Problems?

Potato Advice

Written by Simon Taylor – Crop Nutrition Agronomist

“Looking at many crops of potatoes recently we think we are still seeing the effects of last years heatwave. Some potato crops are coming into flower prematurely, before the canopy has met across the row. This could be a result of the crop being physiologically aged, due to the stress it was under whilst growing as a seed crop. If the crop has been physiologically aged, then it is more likely to go through its growing cycle much more quickly, not finish well, and not produce the size of tubers that are required.

Start feeding your crop now with to ensure the root development is maximised and the growing crop has the full range of micronutrients to extend its growing period for as long as possible. This is especially important in determinate varieties, that are more likely to senesce earlier than indeterminate ones. Once the crop has started to senesce it will be too late to keep it growing, so feed it now to ensure the maximum growing period.

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Following all the recent rain it is also important to ensure that the crop is getting the right balance of nutrients through its next major growth period, by doing a SAP test and applying the relevant micro-nutrients that maybe missing.”



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