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Plant Nutrition to Promote Plant Health

ICM programmes are an intergal part of utilising plant nutrition to promote plant health. This article looks at the use of K50, a potassium carbonate product, and Sulphomex, an ammonium thiosulphate product, in those programmes to support horticultural crops including ornamentals, soft fruit, vegetables and vines.

The role of potassium

Potassium has a role in the translocation of photosynthesates and plant enzymes. However, it is particularly important in the regulation of cell water content, cell turgidity and rates of transpiration due to its influence over the opening and closing of stomata. The stomata influence the rate at which carbon dioxide moves into the plant, which is the building block of carbohydrate synthesis and ultimately brix in fruiting crops.

Powdery Mildew – Honeysuckle


K50 is potassium carbonate which is a strongly alkali product. When applied to the surface of a leaf it creates an environment and a physical barrier that prevents or delays mycelial growth.

Sulphomex is a combination of nitrogen and sulphur which is easily deposited on the crop, and can alleviate symptoms of nitrogen or sulphur deficiency. At the leaf surface Sulphomex breaks down to elemental sulphur and hydrogen sulphide. Therefore, it can deliver elemental sulphur to the most cryptic of locations on the plant.

Neither product is a fungicide, nor do they have any fungicidal action but when used in conjunction with a Plant Protection Product (PPP), both products can support plant health when used as part of an ICM programme.

Powdery Mildew - Strawberry

Powdery Mildew – Strawberry

Consider applying either product with SW7, an organosilicone adjuvant that can improve the uptake of foliar nutrients on crops that have dense canopies.  Not only is SW7 an excellent wetter and surfactant, but it can also deliver silicon to the crop when used at the higher rate of 0.1% of the spray solution.

For further information on Plant Nutrition to Promote Plant Health, speak to your local OMEX technical advisor, here. The team of technical managers can work with you to establish the most effective ICM programme to suit your crop and growing needs.

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