December 20, 2023 4:27 pm Published by LauraE

OMEX Agriculture has formed a dedicated sustainability team tasked with establishing all the requirements needed by the business to service both its internal and external stake holders, as part of its mission to sustainably feed a growing population and Net Zero target

The sustainability team comprises members of OMEX’s procurement, research and development, operations, agronomy and service departments.

“OMEX plays an integral role in the food supply chain, and it’s essential the company continues to do all it can to help grow food more sustainably,” says the company’s Managing Director Sam Bell. “From our internal processes to improving efficiencies on farm, we are undertaking a thorough audit to establish the most effective measures needed to support the UK food chain going forward, with a dedicated focus on a sustainable product pipline.”

OMEX has been offering precision agriculture solutions for almost 50 years, focusing on liquid fertiliser that has seen rapid growth within the fertiliser industry due to significant environmental benefits, based on application accuracy, reduced waste and no single-use plastic packaging to dispose of.

Ian Silcox-Crowe, OMEX’s newly appointed sustainability lead adds: “OMEX has already completed a substantial amount of research aimed at helping growers produce crops more responsibly with a particular emphasis on the environment, especially soil health, water management and product procurement while offering full traceability.”

As a crop nutrition and liquid fertiliser business OMEX plays an integral role in the wider supply chain, already supplying inhibitors which offer major potential to reduce greenhouse gasses and emissions from soils. the dedicated sustainability team will help develop the businesses sustainability mission further and support decarbonising liquid fertilisers.

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