July 20, 2017 11:38 am Published by LauraE

OMEX employees from around the globe gathered last week for the annual OMEX summer BBQ. Coming together to enjoy good food, share ideas and discuss crop nutrition, AD and water care.

OMEX are proud to employ a wide range of dedicated and talented individuals throughout their many international divisions and it’s the company’s belief that this should be celebrated and rewarded.

Chairman, Olof Winkler, pictured above (right), attended the annual event giving a positive and upbeat speech to employees of the group. Discussing areas of expansion and growth within the business, as OMEX celebrates its 41st year, Olof highlighted the successes OMEX has achieved.

Employees of the group where then invited to enjoy a delicious BBQ and refreshments to celebrate the achievements the entire team have contributed towards.

Enjoying good food and reflecting on the successes of the Spring season, conversation turned to the success of Didin. Didin has performed well again this spring, helping crops continue to grow during the dry conditions when normal top-dressing applications have resulted in some slow patchy nitrogen uptake. Details about the product can be found at : https://www.omex.co.uk/product/didin-fluid/

The summer get-together also offers an ideal opportunity to swap notes with our agronomists in Canada, the US and Brazil and to hear how products that we use in the UK have fared this spring in different climates.  The season so far seems to have been particularly challenging in Canada, with some Canola (OSR) crops still only at 3-5 leaves and stories of huge acreages of last year’s crop being left unharvested, or even harvested in the snow!

The autumn season is about to kick off and our contractors who offer Avadex inclusion in suspensions are busy checking the operation of inductors and handling systems to ensure we provide accurate application of Avadex with cereal PK fertiliser and we’re busy soil sampling for the next OSR crop and starting sampling for sugar beet.

Overall a great day was had by all and OMEX would like to thank all of it’s employees for their continuous hard work.


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