August 4, 2020 2:02 pm Published by KirstyH
Look at the excellent coverage achieved with eba technology….

The OMEX foliar product range incorporates eba technology – a revolutionary formulation system designed to optimise foliar uptake and assimilation of nutrients.

Formulation characteristics include:

  • ┬áSelection of specific raw materials to aid rapid assimilation and mobilisation in the crop.
  • Synergistic, multi-form nutrient sources.
  • Two separate organic fractions to improve nutrient transport and stimulate epiphyllic micro organisms on the leaf surface which aid nutrient uptake.
  • An advanced adjuvant system to allow maximum leaf coverage.

These Pecan trees in Chihuahua, Mexico were treated with foliar applications of: 500ml Kingfol Zinc 70, 1lt CalMax Gold and 1lt K41 in ­čÜ┐­čî│

Pecan Trees, Chihuahua



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