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06 October 2014

Nutritional Agronomy Note

Have you got poorly established or slow growing Oilseed Rape?The demise of neonicotinoid seed treatments means that rapid establishment of oilseed rape crops, always important for winter survival, is even more vital this year to help cope with pest attacks.

On-going dry weather has hampered crop development, and with further dry weather forecasted, getting oilseed rape plants to two true leaves and beyond could be a difficult, slow process. There is, however, a weapon in the armoury for improving crop growth—Omex Kickstart.


Omex Kickstart


Omex Kickstart is an extremely active phosphite-based product that acts as a powerful biostimulant, promoting early root and shoot growth, thereby aiding crop establishment.In replicated independent laboratory experiments, Omex Kickstart produced the greatest overall increases in root mass of all phosphites at over 40%, and over 30% more shoot mass. Subsequent replicated plot and commercial field trials in autumn 2013 showed consistently larger plants with stronger root systems where Omex Kickstart was applied.



Applied as directed, Omex Kickstart can significantly improve root growth and crop establishment in oilseed rape, especially when seedbed and weather conditions are not ideal. The use of the Omex surfactact NA13 enhances uptake, particularly useful in crops with a limited target area.

Apply in a minimum of 200l/ha water. The spray tank should be filled with half of the required amount of water. If applicable, add the required amount of NA13 to the water before adding the Omex Kickstart 1 . After shaking the container, measure the required amount of Omex Kickstart and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add the remaining water to the correct dilution and spray.


Tank Mixtures and Adjuvants

Check with Omex for physical compatibility with other crop inputs, a full physical compatibility list is available.

As with any other phosphite product, Omex Kickstart aids the uptake of tank mix partners so we do not recommend tank mixes with selective herbicides in cereals, as selectivity may be reduced.


Scott Baker
Nutritional Agronomist


1 We recommend the addition of an adjuvant (e.g. NA13 at 0.1% of the spray volume) to improve uptake if Kickstart is used alone, but this is not normally necessary in tank mixtures with trace elements, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides


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