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Kickstart for Spring Cereals

With wet weather, delayed drilling and emergence, spring cereals are going to need a boost to overcome potential abiotic stress and the associated affect this can have on yield.  In order to try and alleviate this stress, promoting root growth is essential.

On Farm Trials

In field trials, recorded crop development, was noticeably faster in the Kickstart treated areas.  Furthermore, this effect continued throughout the season with the treated crop showing more growth and darker leaves.

The chart highlights that the treated crop developed faster than the untreated, and that this effect increased rather than diminished with time after the application.

Trials conducted at Nottingham University showed an average increase in root mass of 38% when applied at 3TL compared to the untreated plants.  With the days from drilling to harvest reducing, it is vital that there is a significant root mass to allow the plants to maximise yield potential.         A larger root mass increases the plants ability to uptake nutrition and water.

Results and conclusions

Randomised replicated plot trials at the end of the growing season showed a half t/ha yield response, proving the value of boosting early establishment in cereals.


When applying to such a small target, good leaf coverage, uptake and rainfastness are crucial for best effect.  Therefore application should be 1 litre/ha Kickstart + NA13 unless in tank mix with a pesticide at 2 true leaves onwards (TL) for Spring cereals

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