January 13, 2022 1:31 pm Published by KirstyH

OMEX offer a full program of foliar nutrients to improve crop health and nutrition.

OMEX’s comprehensive banana program offers high technology solutions for the modern grower with foliar products specially formulated for application from seed treatments through to harvest. When applied together with basic fertilisers, this program has significantly increased marketable yield and quality resulting ingreater profits to the farmer.

  • At PLANTING apply Kingfol Zinc at 9ml/m2 onto sets, this promotes healthy, strong root, with good vigour.
  • At SUCKER EMERGENCE apply Seastar F at 1-2l/ha, Seastar F is an organic growth stimulant formulated to aid immature plants at risk of damage from stress conditions.
  • At SUCKER PRUNING apply DP98 at 1lt/ha.  This can be used with systemic fungicides against Sigatoka disease as an enhancer, DP98 also encourages carbohydrate storage in the false stem. Apply 3 or 4 times up to 150/180 days post emergence.
  • At SUCKER SELECTION selection apply Bio 20 to improve stress and disease resistance and increase stem carbohydrates in preparation for flowering.
  • At SHOOTING apply Bio 20 to help maintain leaf concentrations of all the essential macro nutrients together with other micro nutrients that are vital for chlorophyll and protein synthesis.
  • Applying OMEX Bio 20 is beneficial at HAND EMERGENCE and FLOWERING as auxins help cell division and early fruit enlargement. The mother plant’s root system loses activity as the suckers appear. The addition of SW7 @ 0.25 l/ha will improve uptake of foliar nutrient.
  • At FRUIT FILLING apply CalMax at 2lt/ha to improve fruit firmness.
  • PRE-HARVEST apply NK60 at 2lt/ha to boost potassium, increase quality and yield, benefit skin finish and brix level. Apply 45 days before harvest.  The addition of SW7 at 0.25l/ha will improve uptake of foliar nutrients.


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