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Early season applications of OMEX Catalyst to improve root development.

Soft fruit agronomist, Dr Neil Holmes, highlights the benefits of OMEX Catalyst on root development.

OMEX Catalyst is a combination of humic acids (7.5%) and two seaweed biostimulants (65%) which can be applied by drench or fertigation to enhance the early establishment of a crop and improve root development. The organic acids introduce the carbon rich molecules which are absent in peat-free and coir-based media and the two biostimulants promote root growth. The combination of providing the correct organic molecules and stimulating root growth has produced a range of supportive data in 2023.

Trials from ornamentals, raspberries and potatoes have shown an average 27% improvement in rooting and tuber formation compared to the control (see figure 1 below) when grown in a peat free or coir growing media, giving the plant the best start to the crop cycle. This concurs with previous research which has shown that applications of humic acids and seaweed extracts have significantly improved vegetative growth characteristics, flowering and, most importantly, yield (Alkharpotly, A. A. et al., 2017).

Figure 1 Multi-crop assessment of root and tuber development using OMEX Catalyst.

Figure 1 Multi-crop assessment of root and tuber development using OMEX Catalyst.

OMEX Catalyst should be applied weekly to the growing media during the first 6-10 weeks of development. Application rate is 0.75L/100L stock tank.

For further information, then please contact your local OMEX technical manager, here.

You can take a look at our latest technical bulletin on catalyst, here: OMEX Bulletin Catalyst


Alkharpotly, A. A., Mohamed, R. A., Shehata, M. N. and Awad, A. A. M. (2017). Impact of soil humic acid soil application and seaweed extract foliar spray on growth, yield and fruit quality of strawberry plants grown under Aswan conditions. J. Soil Sci and Agric. Eng., Mansoura Univ., Vol. 8 (6): 307-315.


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