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In West Africa, rice, groundnut and millet are some of the main staple crops that are widely produced and consumed.    ‎

‎To boost crop yield and quality, growers should look to add high-performance fertilizers into their crop growth programme. With that in mind, OMEX’s foliar range brings the best products to ensure the correct nutrition of plants and maximize productivity. ‎


‎In the photos, we see ‎‎rice, groundnut and millet crops that have received an OMEX programme of Bio 20, CalmaxB and K41.

Bio 20 is applied to the crops for early establishment and development, and this is best applied when the crops are between 15- 25 days after emergence.

Bio 20

  • Promotes root and top growth
  • In short-term crops, Bio 20 accelerates growth with multiple applications
  • In slower growing crops, Bio 20 enhances colour and overall health
  • Boosts canopy on field scale crops
  • In stressed or checked growth, it promotes vigour and helps to prevent leaf drop


Bio 20, CalMaxB and K41 programme for groundnut (peanut)

In groundnut, for maximum pegging and prevention of empty pod, CalMaxB supplement is recommended just before the pegging stage and application of OMEX K41 is essential for maximum grain development and yield.


  • CalMaxB prevents a number of calcium and boron linked disorders, such as pod rot and “hollow heart” respectively, in groundnut.
  • Promotes pollination and fruit formation.
  • Increasing tuber calcium levels, promotes longer storage life and resistance to a range of physiological break down conditions.
  • Improves firmness, storability, and colour of fruits.
  • Increases yield.


Rice after an application of Bio 20 and K41

For rice and millet, 2 applications of OMEX K41 will help the crop to mobilize sugar from the leaves through to the grains during the grain filling stage.


  • A timely application of  K41 has a significant effect on crop yield
  • It influences canopy expansion, water uptake and the set, size and sugar content of fruit.


Bio 20 bottleK41 bottle

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