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Cocoa: Background

Yields are traditionally low due to:

cocoa plantation

Cocoa plantation

  • Old varieties
  • Poor husbandry
  • Root damage in wet season
  • Heavy mulch from old foliage


A foliar programme of OMEX Folicao was applied at 4 l/ha in Feb/Mar and again in Aug/Sep.  OMEX Folicao is a highly concentrated suspension fertilizer containing NPK, magnesium and micro-nutrients balanced specifically for cocoa.  Regular applications will improve the quality and yield of cocoa beans.

cocoa plantation

  • OMEX Folicao applied during the dry season improves top growth and promotes flower initiation.
  • OMEX Folicao has a very positive impact on the performance of the cocoa, with more abundant and larger pods and improved quality cocoa beans.
  • Yield increases in the range of 20 – 100% according to anecdotal grower testimony with OMEX Folicao

    cocoa beans

    Ian Moore, Agronomist, Cocoa Plantation

OMEX Folicao is a high concentration liquid foliar fertiliser, designed to be applied to the foliar parts of the cocoa tree and many other crops, for more information:

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