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How to increase your Strawberry yield


Looking to increase your strawberry yields? Latest OMEX trials demonstrate how the use of Kelpak can help achieve this:

This trial used Control v Kelpak 1% v Kelpak 2% used as a root dip treatment at transplant stage.

The graphs demonstrate the overall gross yield and the marketable yield of the overall gross yield, the graphs demonstrate:

The Kelpak 1% treatment yielded 59.06g more weight in total yield (g) than the control (+15%.)

The Kelpak 2% treatment yielded 118.97g more weight in total yield (g) than the control (+30%)

The Kelpak 1% treatment yielded 140.5g more marketable fruit weight than the control (+51%).

The Kelpak 2% treatment Yielded 197.53g more marketable fruit weight than the control (+72%).

What is Kelpak?

Kelpak, an organic biostimulant containing concentrated extract of the kelp species Ecklonia maxima, is used to enhance root growth which improves crop establishment leading to higher yield and better quality. Kelpak helps to increase plant tolerance to abiotic stress and improves pollen germination, pollen tube growth, fertilisation and fruit set.

Kelpak is a kelp concentrate which is manufactured using a unique cell-burst process without heat, chemical digestion or dehydration. This patented process ensures maximum retention of the delicate growth promoting substances found in this species of kelp. Kelpak also contains a wide range of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids. The combination of plant growth regulating hormones impact upon plants in different ways according to the plant growth stage and condition. Auxins and phlorotannins improve root growth; polyamines help to reduce the impact and symptoms of abiotic stress and brassinosteroids promote pollen tube elongation resulting in better fruit set.

You can read all about the product technical information here.

For further information contact your local technical sales manager, contact details can be found here.


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