October 16, 2020 8:30 am Published by LauraE
growing crops

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. From the torrential rain we saw at the beginning of 2020 to the droughts throughout summer. So how do you prepare and keep your crops going through such sub-optimal conditions? Below we take a look at some of the resources farmers have used, working with OMEX to help produce strong, healthy plants capable of producing high quality and high yield.


Establishing strong roots

Getting your roots off to a good start is vital to growing strong, healthy plants. Establishing a strong root structure, enabling the plant to take up as much moisture and nutrients as it needs during times of drought is important, especially when a lack of rainfall is present.

growing crops

This year crop nutrition agronomist Scott Baker, has used Kickstart biostimulant to help establish that vital root structure. Kickstart is a simple foliar application that improves crop establishment and root growth. The rooting stimulator is based on phosphite, a key compound shown to promote early root growth in young plants, and formulated with nitrogen and potassium. It also aids the uptake and systemic movement of co-applied nutrient cations within the plant.

growing crops

Trials conducted at Nottingham University showed an average increase in root mass of 38% when Kickstart foliar fertiliser was applied at 3TL compared to the untreated plants.  It is vital that there is a significant root mass to allow the plants to maximise yield potential. A larger root mass increases the plant’s ability to uptake nutrition and water.

Randomised replicated plot trials at the end of the growing season showed a half t/ha yield response, proving the value of boosting early establishment in cereals.

Single pass application/reducing your carbon footprint

A key focus this year for many farmers has been reducing carbon footprint, and limiting emissions into the atmosphere. Cutting nitrogen application down to one pass and using a nitrification inhibitor such as Didin will have reduced users carbon footprint by around a tonne/ha of CO2e. Applying the crop’s fertiliser in one pass has not only saved time during a short season but using Didin means a phased uptake of nitrogen leads to an extended period of optimum growth, which can lead to better utilisation of N and yield increase.


Ensuring efficient nutrient uptake

In times of stress, particularly dry times it’s been a useful tool for farmers to make use of foliar fertilisers to ensure the plant is able to uptake as much of the nutrients as it needs. For OSR crops the use of Oilseed Extra guaranteed the uptake of the N and valuable additional nutrients in crops. Whilst on milling wheat Protein Plus helped increase grain protein.

Whilst you’re planning for your 2021 crops, use our handy postcode locator to speak to one of our local experts to advise how OMEX can help you grow great quality and high yield crops, here.

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