September 29, 2020 10:46 am Published by KirstyH
foliar fertilizers trinidad

A foliar fertilizer program of OMEX Bio 20, pHortify and CalMax have been used to grow this beautiful crop of zucchini in Trinidad????????

Bio 20 combines mineral nutrition with the proven growth-promoting qualities of seaweed, this formulation provides the stimulus for healthy, active growth. Plants respond by producing greater root mass and green leaf area, giving improved flower/fruit set and higher tolerance to environmental stress.  Bio 20 is a seaweed-based foliar fertilizer containing macro and chelated micronutrients

pHortify combines the essential nutrients required for enhancing natural plant defence, pHortify promotes both health and growth, leading to greater root and canopy development. In most plants, better flower/fruit set, improved bulking and reduced disease pressure can result from routine applications.  pHortify improves plant nutrient health and disease resistance.  pHortify improves rooting action and increases fruit set. Higher solids content. Increases yield and post harvest quality enhancements. Improves foliar uptake of cations (i.e. K, Ca, Mg, Mn).

CalMax corrects calcium deficiency, improves fruit set, increases yield and helps improve firmness, storability, colour and finish in a wide range of fruits and vegetables.   Calcium is a primary constituent of all cell walls and membranes. Restrictions in the availability of calcium will adversely affect cell division, impair the structural stability and the permeability of cell walls. Increasing fruit calcium promotes longer storage life and resists a range of physiological break down conditions including water core, bitter pit and internal browning.  CalMax is a foliar fertilizer containing 22.5% calcium and a balanced range of micronutrients

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