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21 October 2014

Nutritional Agronomy Note

Delayed Winter Wheat Drilling


With many growers choosing to delay winter wheat drilling in order to maximise black grass kill, crops could be drilled into less than favourable seedbed conditions.

Planting after late lifted potato and sugar beet crops, coupled with high rainfall and falling temperatures, will also result in wheat crops struggling to develop a strong root system, a key requirement in crop establishment.


A series of independent trials under controlled conditions at the University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington, have shown that early post-emergence foliar phosphite applications can significantly advance root development in winter wheat.The comprehensive study showed OMEX Kickstart consistently out-performed other phosphite formulations, including leading competitor brands, and produced overall increases in root mass of up to 40% within 4 weeks of application.


In subsequent field trials, this boost to root growth in later sown crops resulted in significantly better crop establishment, and the accelerated growth of the treated crop continued long after the initial application.The graph on the right shows the improved canopy development up to 28 days after treatment in a November-drilled winter wheat crop after potatoes in North Cambridgeshire in autumn and winter 2013. OMEX Kickstart is best applied from the 3 leaf stage of the crop onwards. This means that the decision to apply can take full account of the state of the crop and the prevailing conditions, increasing the likelihood of worthwhile returns.


When applying to such a small target, good leaf coverage, uptake and rainfastness are crucial for best effect.

When used alone, OMEX Kickstart should be applied with the purpose-designed adjuvant OMEX NA13 at 0.1% of the spray volume (e.g. 100 ml/ha in 100 litres of water). This is not usually necessary for co-applications with crop protection products. For full up to date tank mix recommendations, see our physical compatibility list.

Crop Timing Kickstart NA13
Winter Wheat GS14 onwards 1.0 litre/hectare 0.1% of spray volume
(e.g. 0.1 litres in 100 litres
of water/ha)


Scott Baker
Nutritional Agronomist
E: Scottb@omex.com
T: 07850 475018


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