August 1, 2017 4:37 pm Published by LauraE

Recent Agrii iFarm trials in the South West, using OMEX starter fertiliser on Oil Seed Rape, have shown great results.

The OSR crop was drilled with 60 l/ha 14-14-0 applied in a band on the drill, providing only around 10 kg/ha nitrogen and phosphate. This led to a yield increase of 0.3 t/ha against the use of no starter, using OMEX starter fertiliser demonstrated an impressive increase in yield.

Using OMEX liquids as starter fertilisers at the very beginning of the crop’s growth cycle helps to ensure that it gets off to a good start. The recent Agrii iFarm trial supports the claim that for many crops, including OSR, an early start can help the crops emerge earlier and grow away from pests and disease.

(Left shows crop after emergence and right shows same crop in the spring, untreated strip in centre)

As can be seen in the image above, using an application of OMEX starter fertiliser in Lincolnshire, the crop really took off compared to the untreated strip in the centre. Using OMEX starter fertiliser is a cost effective and efficient way of providing vital nutrition to boost establishment and help combat both challenging soil conditions and flea beetle pressure. OMEX starter fertilisers offer a very effective means of accurately placing nutrients with 100% solubility in the right place for the emerging seedling.


Thanks to Alistair Laurence-King at Agrii South West for sharing the results of their trial!

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